The Hospital of the Future: Palomar Medical Center

Palomar Medical Center (PMC) is one of the most technologically-advanced hospitals in the United States. The new $956 million USD hospital officially opened its doors in August 2012. The innovative facility has been dubbed by PMC officials and others as “The Hospital of the Future.”

Palomar Medical Center

Scanadu Scout ‘Tricorder’ Seeks Crowdfunding Ahead of FDA Approval

In January 2012, we introduced you to the Scanadu Medical Tricorder, a mobile diagnostic device that measures key vital signs and sends all information directly to your smartphone. Last week, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign to put the device — now called the Scanadu Scout — into production.

Scanadu Scout

Breathable, Implantable Microcomputers that Conform to the Human Body

Traditional tech devices have been rigid and boxy. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup MC10 aims to change that. The company is developing flexible and stretchable electronics that preserve the performance of silicon while enabling new form factors that can be bent or stretched to conform to soft and irregular surfaces and can be used for a variety of medical applications.


Scanadu Medical Tricorder

We are the last generation that will know so little about our health. That’s the vision of medical tech startup Scanadu. The company has created a scanner they are calling the Medical Tricorder, which is aimed at parents who want to monitor their children’s health in order to make better decisions.

The mobile diagnostic device measures key vital signs — blood pressure, pulmonary function, temperature — and may even be able to read simple samples, sending all information directly to your smartphone. The Medical Tricorder additionally asks screening questions to provide recommendations.

According to the video below, the device can alert you about flu or disease outbreaks tailored to your family’s needs and offers advice on what to do next.

Source: Scanadu