ID My Pill App Instantly Identifies Prescription Pills

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Do you double check your pharmacist to make sure you were given the right medication? Millions of pharmacy errors occur every year. Do you check your pills before you take them? More than 3.3 million injuries and deaths happen every year because the wrong pill was taken.

ID My Pill is an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that can help you instantly identify prescription pills.

ID My Pill app

Protecting health

The ID My Pill iPhone app is intended for patients, clinicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare providers to reduce medication errors and improve adherence by automatically identifying prescription drugs.

The app allows users to take a photo of any prescription drug using an iPhone camera and instantly identify it.

ID My Pill uses proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology to identify pills. The app uses the Elsevier Gold Standard Drug Database to provide accurate, continuously updated, drug information to users.

According to Adrian Rosebrock, founder and CEO of ID My Pill:

ID My Pill’s goal is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that happen each year due to the misuse of prescribed medication. Our technology allows patients to visually validate that they are taking the correct medication and be alerted if a medication has the potential for addiction and abuse. Additionally, our technology allows healthcare professionals, law enforcement, emergency responders, and border patrol to automatically identify prescription pills with a snap of their iPhone camera.

The ID My Pill app automatically identifies your prescription drugs and provides drug fact information, including the name of the pill, manufacturer, and if there is potential for abuse and addiction.

Quickly identify pills

Identifying your prescription pills is a simple process that takes seconds:

  • Place the pill you want to identify on the printable recognition card
  • Snap a photo of the card using the ID My Pill app
  • Your pill will be identified automatically

For a demonstration, check out the video below:

The ID My Pill app costs $4.99 and is available via iTunes now.

Source: ID My Pill iPhone App Identifies Your Prescription Pills In A Snap

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